Environmental Management

A1 IMS is committed to the principles of environment management of its products and services in order to minimise the risk of polluting the environment and to enhance its position as a good citizen within the community.

In doing this, the company:

  •   Is committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Will comply with relevant environmental legislation and other regulatory requirements and expects all employees to also comply with these.
  • Implement and maintain a management system consistent with the requirements of ISO 14001.2004 EMS Standard.
  • Establish and regularly review update environmental objectives/ targets / goals through the company’s management review processes.
  • Provide staff training in environmental management and practices.
  • Will work with its suppliers, customers, the community and Governments as appropriate in order to reduce pollution, waste production and enhance the environment.

Management and staff are encouraged to follow this policy in the execution of their tasks.